If you are thinking about selling – you are thinking about what you’re building is worth as well as what to do with the proceeds after a sale. Your specific goals for the investment matter and I offer creativity and hard work to achieve the objective: best price, terms and sound post transaction solutions.  In other words…..I am a full service broker. 

 My valuations use your existing rent and operating information as primary data.  This data is analyzed to determine your current operation, as well as view the asset in relation to other assets operating in the area.  

The analyses will includes:

1)      Assessing the location attributes of the subject property;

2)      Conducting detailed rent surveys of competitive projects in the immediate area;

3)      Analyzing the current market positioning of the subject property in relation to other comparative projects currently on the market;

4)      Reviewing your existing expenses and income in detail;

5)      Applying current finance available to new buyers;

6)      Analyzing the apartment market from a micro level perspective, including overall rental rates, occupancy levels and new construction trends.

The primary objective of each valuation is to evaluate your property’s value and position in the current market and to determine its highest value.

I look forward to discussing the rationale underlying my personal valuations or be of assistance with other real estate questions or inquiries you may have.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller I would like to meet you in person please call me direct to arrange an appointment.